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Wavegrove is an entity dedicated to furthering the digital music and audio production process. With insights derived from physics and mastering processes, Wavegrove intends to take the sweat out of the audio work. For now you’ll be left with the blood and tears.

HCL Islander

Guaranteed to bring you up to your target volume. Vouched by professionals.

Probably the only compressor out there with 10 ways of controlling gain. Get the sound you’re after, for all the right reasons.

WGR Originals

Products designed by Wavegrove to solve problems. Whether it’s missing mojo in a master, getting down with dynamics, or equalising a track to fit the soundscape. Wavegrove designs plug-ins to make your life easier.


creating waves since 2021

Tools to solve specific needs

When mixing or mastering the key word is feel. Usually you can hear the sound you want in your head before you get it right in your DAW. After chasing the sound for a good ten years, Jussi noticed patterns that kept repeating, and thought about automating parts of his mixing process. When you do the same thing over and over again in a mix, it’s clear there could be a tool to do just that.

Working with people whose ears we trust

While doing something by yourself gets you the results you strive for, it is always better to get some help from in the people around you. We’ve forged relationships with some of the best people in the business and feel blessed to be working with them on our products.


While there’s wonders and magic happening in the analog realm and the gear we’re all used to, digital audio offers possibilities that analog doesn’t. While Wavegrove doesn’t try to emulate the analog completely, we definitely try to get some of the same mojo out of our code.

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