Inspired Series

Wavegrove Originals

Haave is a Transient / Sustain separating 4-Band EQ, allowing you to smooth, sharpen and shape sounds to your liking. Great for final tweaks.


Sovereign provides the user a toolset to limit or compress sounds based on level and other variables. For both mixing and mastering purposes.


Utu is used to modify the transients and sustain of audio separately. Make either part louder or softer and add EQ.


Maji+ is reminiscent of pushing a transformer to and over its limits, creating a natural sort of compression.


Free Plug-Ins

Vastaus lives on instrument channels, buses and it is known to have been spotted on the master channel too. Feel free to use and abuse it. Try to add an EQ before Vastaus and push the highs way overboard and see how Vastaus reacts.

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